Life Arises Farm

Life Arises Farm is a 20 acre former heifer pasture currently in the dreaming stages of becoming a diversified farm, low till market garden, and homestead. Located in Wolcott, Vermont the land boasts beautiful south facing hillsides, a pond, and 4 acres of Northern soft and hardwoods.

Timpson Creek Farm

Timpson Creek Farm, situated just outside of the city of Clayton in Rabun County, Georgia, is an Organic Fruit, Herb, and Vegetable operation bringing farm experiences and ecological learning opportunities to the Southeast.  With 25 acres of rolling hills, riparian zones, creeks, and croplands, it is an enchanting mountain landscape.

The farm is currently undergoing sustainable garden design and ecological enhancements.  Produce is sold locally to food purveyors, Appalachian and Atlanta area Chefs, and other local venues.  The farm is open to school visits, agricultural and health related intensives, and visitors.

Sun Dog Farm

Previously owned and operated by the Biodynamic Farmer, Consultant, and Educator, Hugh Lovel, Sun Dog Farm served as one of the oldest Biodynamic farms in the Southeast.  Systems on the farm were modeled off of the ecology found within this beautiful valley located in the mountains of Blairsville, Georgia.

Carrying forward Hugh Lovel's rich 35 years of Biodynamic cultivation in the valley, the farm has been reclaimed and adapted, continuing its evolution towards a more sustainable design.  It has recently been taken over by Biodynamic growers Micah and Kathryn Williams and has been reborn as Many Moons Farm.