Teaching and Consultation


  • School Groups and On Farm Experiences

There are few better ways to communicate the deep and profound majesty of Nature's great intelligence and sentience than experiencing it first hand.  Exposing our youth to the connected existence of our ecological communities is essential in the proper understanding and stewardship of our world.  

Students that participate in On Farm Experiences are educated both through completing farm tasks and through class and workshop time.  Cultivating the Earth and applying the body and mind to coaxing vegetables and livestock through the season highlights the importance of critical thinking, dedication, and action in every day life.  These experiences generate a lasting gratitude for our local foodways and a more balanced view of the environment and our place in it.

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  • Lectures and Workshops

There is no greater passion in my life than communicating the importance of incorporating ecological models into our growing systems.  Leading Workhops and Lectures offers me the opportunity to share my experiences and cross pollinate ideas with others.  Everything from basic Ecology to Biodynamic Stewardship can be covered, tailored to the needs of the audience and or participants.

Often I find that I learn as much as I hope to teach, if not more, from these opportunities.

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Beginning a Permaculture, Agroforestry, or other Ecological project can be daunting.  Seeking out a consultation can help with:

  • Farm Organism Design

  • Biodynamic Stewardship Implementation

  • Ecological Development

Whether you are just getting to know your property or treating long standing ailments, reading the layout of your land and ecological signature can greatly enhance your effectiveness as a steward.  By blurring the lines between cultivated and wild spaces, one can benefit fully from the closed loops of biodiversity.

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  • Agricultural Intensives

For those seeking a more intentional learning experience, a week long Agricultural Intensive gives individuals of all ages an opportunity to learn how to utilize natural communities in designing and implementing food systems.  

A strict curriculum details the practical steps in establishing productive ecology utilizing the principles of Biodynamics and Biomimicry and hands on learning opportunities will be shared to foster a lasting connection to the material covered.

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