The Universal Medicine of Growing Food

2016 Sucked

If the internet taught us anything in 2016, about the year 2016, it was that everyone in the U.S. hated it.  There was this incredible fog of anxiety that the country was steeping in.  The loss of this creative person or that seemed to unravel the fabric of our realities in ways that losing celebrities and artists had never done before.

We felt powerless and preoccupied; our ever quickening society bringing some of us incredible comforts and some of us undeniable pain and suffering.  Even those of us who have had the privilege of first world products spent 2016 feeling as though the world was slowly rolling out of range. As if on some deeper level guilt had begun to develop as our day to day lives never seemed to intersect with the consequences of our modern day needs.  

In 2016 we reached a crossroads in our consciousness.  We could no longer ignore the warfare, habitat loss and bottlenose extinction of species, the manipulation in our media outlets, Gender and Racial bias, and the shameless union of Economics and Politics.  It is an incredible burden to recognize all of this imbalance, and this grief has been carried by all people on Earth, with guilt, anxiety and helplessness lying heavily on those in the United States.

A long and hard fought battle to continue to be socially liberal, to celebrate our differences and create a government that was compassionate and tolerant seemed to be stolen from us; our blame for this was directed at the President Elect and all of those who supported him. We leaned heavily on our heroes in cinema; those who reliably conquered obstacles, made us laugh and cry, and most importantly gave us the wins we felt we were losing in our everyday lives. 

It is always in the darkest places where we find the first ember of light.  The acknowledgement of this heaviness for many people seemed to manifest it.  Bringing these feelings into the light and sharing them with others seemed to breath life into them and this felt wrong.  The facade of ever forward progressive movement was broken and losing this mirage was actually our first and very important step towards change.

Our feelings of helplessness are born from outsourcing our personal powers.  We've given many of our rights and much of our privacy up for material stability.  We tirelessly work jobs to purchase objects that we feel are necessary for ourselves and family, things we've gotten accustomed to having.  We put a number into a computer and something arrives at our door from who knows where made of who knows what.

This is not to say that all industry is bad or that all modern day tools and toys are evil; it is simply the thoughtless level at which we've begun to consume.  The world's resources are derived from nature's tendency towards exponential growth.  Unlike our industries, nature has within its own system all the necessary means for continual production.  So long as nature has something living and something digesting; nature has the ability to create and externalities or waste aren't a consequence.

 Nature carries incredible momentum and can work with us to restore balance to our ecosystems and bring fertility back to our land, and nourishment back to our psyches and spirit.  The world we've created, however, has us spiralling towards the opposite momentum; undermining that exponential growth at its source.  We as a collective have found ourselves taking too much from here, putting too many waste materials over here, and ignoring the global, social and environmental consequences.

President Trump, a seeming dark shadow on the horizon, is simply the embodiment of the disparities caused by our lifestyles in the richest nations of the world.  He’s not the enemy, and no place to find solutions.  Trump is just the messenger.  A living, breathing reminder that the answers to the world’s problems don't come from the top down.  It is always a grassroots unity that brings about lasting change and as we move into 2017, a renewed unity between humans and nature will bring about the most prosperity and restore within us the most personal power.

Agriculture: Our Actual Only Hope

While so much feels out of our control; the modern world appearing so expansive and complex; one thing we can take personal control over is the production of our food.  Working land, even in a backyard garden throws our physical and psychological selves back into rhythm with the balanced and creative potential of our living world.  It allows us expression without waste and it guarantees that our foodstuffs are packed with nutrients in ways that Agriculture fails us on a larger scale.

Viewing science through the lense of Materialism has given the human species incredible advancements in technology and the production and distribution of goods in an increasingly globalized economy.  While this has provided abundantly in some regards, it has also severed important ties that the modern day human being has to natural communities and to a balanced cultivation of Spirit.  

An industry and livelihood that has suffered at the hands of an exponential, Capitalist-Material perspective, is Agriculture.  The tools derived from this system of thought have aided in the momentary production of profit at the expense of system longevity, fertility, and foods that aid in the holistic growth of the mind, body, and soul.

Monoculture and Chemical Agriculture have sterilized environments in an attempt to treat soil as a medium for roots to be housed, and not as a means for building the biological scaffolding that transforms nutrients into life.  It is essential when developing a farm or garden to patiently and diligently observe the landscape to determine what cultivars and livestock would suit the environment best; what systems would generate the most production given the ecological systems that are already thriving in that bioregion without using anything up or generating excess.  

Utilizing the principles of Biomimicry, the intelligent design of nature allows the farmer or gardener to incorporate annual and perennial crops and living organisms within a system that favors biodiversity, and will generate and maintain fertility without the need for shipped in, outside inputs and purchased, concentrated products.

This intersection between cultivated life and the wildlands and habitat that house the farm or garden organism serves as the vehicle for Spiritual development in human beings.  Exposure to the greater rhythms of the Universe that govern the growth patterns and relationships of all natural communities and co-creating with these forces allows the human being to experience challenging lessons in a spiritually nurturing and replenishing environment.  

Using the Biodynamic Preparations allows the individual to incorporate their own consciousness into the sentient nature of the system and the foods grown within provide nourishment for the physical and energetic aspects of the human form.

The Earth Makes All of Our Medicine

As the farm or garden becomes more cohesive, the opportunity for the steward to find true independence and sustainability is heightened.  The more boundaries nested into the layout of the ecosystem, the more potential for life.  As we move into a time of Climate instability and the increased desertification of Earth, it will be imperative that we design systems that are not only productive and sustainable, but also encourage the restoration of ecological communities native to these degraded regions in both rural and urban settings.

The most powerful aspect of this holistic method of Agriculture is the healing quality designing and implementing these systems has on the human body and Spirit; potentized medicine for the Earth and ourselves.