Georgia Organics Conference and Upcoming Classes!

I can feel all around me, under my feet, dancing throughout the air, the tremble of life returning to our little valley here in the mountains.  With heavy snows and ice, we have had a quiet, introspective winter with the Earth's surface receiving most of the energies sent here from distant places, and storing them for the upcoming burst of growth and diversity.  Cabin fever has gotten the better of me on many occasions, though the silent accumulation of snow has been enough to calm my racing mind.  Even though the days are still chilled and the woods sparse, the sunshine has lingered into the evening hours and the sounds of birds, frogs, and bees are adding the first notes to the Springtime chorus.  In my head I obsess over the possibilities and necessities of the upcoming season, while in my heart I know this slow but steady pace is what gives this process balance.


I was lucky enough to attend the Georgia Organics Conference on Jekyll Island this past weekend where I was able to reconnect to so many beautiful people doing incredible things for Agriculture in the state of Georgia, all on sandy beaches with Wood Storks and surf birds to keep us company.  The elaborate networks we have built here in the South are really beginning to become sown together and with every passing year there seems to be more and more approaches to growing, teaching, and eating that are mindful and impactful.  It is quite inspiring to know that in the face of so much destruction and degradation of our natural habitats and social systems, there are numerous people dedicated to change without thought of consequences or roadblocks.  These powerful individuals attract the creative forces of this Earth and harness them, making colorful all grey areas, shining light on injustice, and spreading the good word on health through the revitalization of our places and our people.  I was honored to be among them and equally eager to celebrate the accomplishments of my friends and peers.  To find joy in times like these is to find peace and resiliency.  This experience has resurrected my hibernating spirit and given me the strength to keep up the fight.


The coming months are some of the busiest and there are many exciting things happening in the greenhouse, in the neighboring mountains, on the farm, and in Atlanta.  We will be returning once again to the Peachtree Road Farmers Market for another full growing season starting April 5th.  We have missed y'all all winter and can't wait to get back into the business of feeding your families and friends.  Be sure to come out and see us on Opening day so we can get this party started right!  Another way to enjoy our bounty is to sign up for our CSA which has just a few shares left for the taking.  We are delivering to Blue Ridge Grocery in Blue Ridge, GA and potentially another location closer to the farm.  Reserve your spot, today!


On March 15th from 1:00 to 4:00 pm I will be teaching a Hands on Applied Biodynamics Course at the Wylde Center in Decatur, GA through The Homestead Atlanta.  We will go over the basics of seed starting with the cosmos in mind and practical methods for maintaining crops and gardens with the ever present and powerful forces of this incredible Earth and Solar System.  There will be a hands on demonstration of a Biodynamic Preparation and lots of opportunities to get your hands dirty, helping the Wylde Center with some of their planting and seeding.  Sign on up and let's share these ancient, inexpensive, and Earth preserving techniques!


For anyone interested in a more in-depth overview of the methods and philosophies of Biodynamics, I will be leading a 5 day intensive course at the John C. Campbell Folk School April 20th through the 26th.  We will be identifying the inter-connectivity of plants, animals, minerals, and the Cosmos and use hands on learning opportunities to cultivate a holistic understanding of the practice.  This course will discuss the homeopathic, herbal, and mineral remedies for repairing the life of soils, plants, livestock, and atmosphere and give any farmer or gardener a solid foundation from which to begin.  Sign up today, space is limited!

If you'd like more information about Biodynamics before you commit, feel free to check out this video where the basic principles are outlined.

Sun Dog Farm will also be hosting a farm to school field trip with the Waldorf School of Atlanta at the end of April.  The kids will camp for three days on the farm and be fully immersed in the processes of growing and harvesting with opportunities for livestock chores, planting, weeding, native species walks, crafting, and exploring the beautiful nature of this little mountain valley.  Our decision to open the farm up to the youngest ambassadors of our planet is one we are very excited and passionate about and we look forward to being a part of their journey.

We couldn't be more grateful for the numerous opportunities we have been afforded to learn about nature, growing, and feeding people around us.  There is nothing more sacred than sharing what we have been given and we look very forward to all of the food we will share and the ideas we will help germinate in our community.  We can hardly wait until the greenhouse is full and our evenings are spent among the fireflies.  See you soon, Spring.  Sun Dog Farm is shaking off its slumber and ready to meet you with abundance.