A New Generation

Do you remember that time we stood in line In front of those huge glass windows advertising cheap beer and wine

Waiting to pump our two door truck back into play

With a few dribbles of Dinosaur DNA

And we just stood in line, sweating the small stuff

Browsing the tabloids thinking what we'd be like

With all that cash

How much we would laugh and spend

And get everything in the world we can

And set it all in a pile in some pristine location

And life would be a permanent vacation

And nothing would make us feel more free

Than a heavy wallet for all of eternity?

Well I looked at you and you looked at me

And you laughed smiling kind of nervously

And we dropped our money on that sticky, lemonade floor

And turned and headed out that windex door

And that lady with the pepsi and the jingling car keys

Was the last human on Earth to see you or me

And we left our truck parked, sitting hungry

Propped up at the pump where it would stay rent free

We just kept walking and as we did

The lights on the houses turned on

And soon the noise from the highway was gone

And we were in some movie set neighborhood

Where we all wanted to grow up

Where kids squeel bike tires and no one is messed up

And there we were, you and me

Learning real estate geometry

That yard is the same, that makes three

But something about this set became too real

No kids in the yards

No toys on the hill

Just a strange flickering coming from inside

Where the kids all crowded around, all eyes tied

On a creature part man-part killer

Always ready

Both hands on the trigger

No time for mercy, and speaking of mercy

There they were, those kids

Eating sugar for breakfast and breakfast for dinner

In that fantasy where they're always a winner

And yet what is it that they are losing?

Both hands on the controls, fingers to plastic, wires to black holes

Their hearts beat in time with the rhythm of the hunt

Their neighborhood shook, all houses on repeat

Well you and I, we couldn't take defeat

We unplugged the wires, lead them out to the street

Each child grabbed a hand

And we walked away

From the development plans and chemical lawns

The paystub empire

And artificial food stands

We walked until we found

The end of the cloud of smells and sounds

A piece of clean land, the cleanest around

And grabbed each child, put their tired fingers in the dirt

Begged them to see with their own eyes

How a life lived inside is not a life alive

And it wasn't easy, they resisted at first

Until one by one they set roots in the Earth

Their lives returned to a time

As if we had chosen rewind

When video games were just an invention floating above our minds

Waiting in line to fall into our laps

Like can openers, pop tarts, and the daily grind

And we grew vegetables and figured we were actually free

No more smoke stacks or heart attacks from the big City

Just a new generation

And you

And me.