It's Time to Change

I have begun a journey and I need your help. Yesterday I went to the Field of Greens Festival and celebrated life and food with all my favorite friends, chefs, farmers, and met so many new, incredible human beings.  I ate incredibly well, drank incredible brews made by the masterful, Mike Lorey from his Folsy Brews Collection, and laughed so hard and so often that today my face is sore.  It is absolutely wonderful being surrounded by individuals who are empowered to care about good food grown and cooked the right way.  I felt so much love as I drifted from one conversation to the next that when it was time to leave I could feel my spirit trying to cling to the left over feelings of peace.  I had some trouble sleeping last night (likely due to the quantity of brews I was given) and it left my mind to wanderings of why it all felt so good.  After hours of thinking and laying in the darkness, listening to the gentle hum of the bustling city outside, I decided it was time to start my journey.

My journey is not a physical one; it is not a journey with a clear, finite destination.  My journey is a spiritual one where I will attempt to become a more positive being.  I have been doing some reading lately that has influenced me to truly believe in the power of positive energy and the betterment of the world through the betterment of ones self.  The Field of Greens Festival was pure positivity from every source and it only leaves you to wonder why human beings can be so destructive to one another where there is the opportunity to be so good.  Food and beer definitely help, but honestly I believe more days can be spent with a smile on our faces and a helping hand extended to those who need it.  Being a very sarcastic human being is part of my charm (yes, I said charm) but I know that my sarcasm consistently borders on cynicism.  This fall, next year, this life I am going to attempt to go through a huge attitude shift.

This is not an easy thing for me to do, as Elliot has noted I am somewhat of a "Hater."  Not that I actually hate things, just that it is part of me to poke fun at the silly mishaps and shortcomings of life and the pursuits therein.  I think that a little bit of that goes a long way and too much of it can definitely lead to a bad attitude problem, which is where I believe I find myself sometimes.  I can be harsh, unforgiving, and I can feel hopeless and helpless in situations where there is so much that can be done.  With this journey I want to latch onto the positive forces in my life and make a change for myself and the world that surrounds me.  I want to approach every situation with an honest heart and always try to be understanding before I am critical.  Love will be my motivation and I hope to give it to those whom I am fortunate enough to cross paths with in this life of mine.

This is where I need your help.  Being a cranky Yankee makes this a very hard and nearly impossible feat.  I will need a lot of positivity in my world to be able to map out the personality changes I am hoping to go through.  I need to be taught good forms of meditation and or ways to naturally, holistically curb stress.  I would also appreciate book recommendations which are always useful when trying to create a new reality for yourself.  I want to purify my diet, once again, and will need help fighting the urges to consume the occasional sugary delight or savory snack.  Mostly though, I hope that many of you will consider taking this journey with me.  Positivity is another part of our lives where a little goes a long way.  Maybe the next time some Atlanta driver cuts you off on I-285 instead of flicking them off you hope for their safety and think about how you could become a more careful, conscious driver.  The next time you're at your favorite dining spot and your waitress is rude, you meet her with an equal amount of love in hopes that she will feel better and her service will improve for others.  Or you can just have fun by telling me to put down the hamburger I am about to stuff in my face.

I know that my move back out of the city and onto the new farm in November will drastically help my pursuits towards peace.  Elliot and I will be spending the day today preparing our acre garden plot at Sun Dog Farm in hopes of throwing out some cover crop seed this week.  The farming community of Buckhead, Georgia is full of love and only part of the wonderful collection of people I get to interact with everyday within this food movement.  I am lucky that I have them on my side, a beautiful plot of land to farm and live, wonderful plants and animals to raise and eat, and a beautiful, passionate human being to share it all with.  There is so much good in this world that there is no room for a bad attitude, anyway.  Let's change the social climate of our world this week and be good to one another.