Empty Pockets

Oh the joys of being young, impoverished and exhausted!

It's been a hard week on the farm; summer heat making us all look like we sat in the splash zone at Sea World (if only!)  Swift thunder storms coming and going and the persistent load of ripening tomatoes keeping us on our toes.  Our sheep and goats have finally made the rotationally grazed trip to the very top of the hill and our care for them has become a pilgrimage.  Battling with electric fence netting, carrying buckets of water, and the oppressive heat have lead to some incredible spats of bickering, stomping, and the occasional threat of giving up.  We've been putting in odd hours and our energy is at an all time low.

In our off time (HA!) we have been scheming the future of the Sun Dog Farmers and preparing for our leave of Douglasville in the Winter.  The Sun Dog Farmers will become Sun Dog Farm in January of 2011 and my goodness is that a lot to think about.  We are currently in the process of acquiring more acreage to expand our veggies, eggs, meat, and milk.  This is a challenging thing to do when you have empty pockets and limited resources.  We've been collecting things here and there, buying used and abused farm equipment and really functioning with the help of some wonderful people.  We've been living off of what we can grow and barter for and our creativity is at a maximum.  We are hoping that our transition, to wherever it may be, will be aided by the support of all you saintly people who have welcomed our produce onto your dinner tables.

Being a young farmer ain't easy, but what a life to live!  If you haven't heard of it already, you need to check out  GROW the Movie!  Anthony-Masterson, the talented and beautiful film/photo duo, are back at it again, this time following the trials and tribulations of being a young farmer in the state of Georgia.  Elliot and I are both featured in the film along with a cast of characters all making their dreams come true, working their asses off to change the daunting food system of the United States.  Check out the blog and show them some love; this is a story that needs to be told.

While times are stressful and the income is low, the future is uncertain and we're not sure where to go, we are certain that there is no life out there for us that does not involve the sun, the moon, and a decent rain shower now and again.  We know life continues on without hesitating for anyone or anything and something incredible will be in the works in January 2011.  Currently at our Farmers' Market booths we will be taking names of people interested in receiving our newsletters and updates on our upcoming meat/egg/veggie CSA options.  The weight of the heat, the farm, and the transition are making us haggard and tired and we need a lot of love right now.   Feel free to hug us or sign up for our newsletters in support of what we do!

But it isn't all bad!  No way!  Being poor is a gift...  One that I have abundant experience with.  We are thrifty, wifty, and coming up with forms of entertainment that are natural and free!  Like creeping on unsuspecting people in the grocery store, getting slushies at the texaco, wearing fake mustaches around the farm or even making up sweet songs about our awkward billy goat, Giles.  Plus there is all the canning and pickling to be done!  And besides, we don't really need that much and when it comes down to it, we have a lot.  We have our crops, our livestock, our dogs, our community and each other.  And when having each other all the time becomes too much, I just sleep in the chicken mansion.  Just kidding??