Taking Root

It's the beginning all over again.

A wild relative, in agriculture and the vast wilderness beyond, refers to a plant that shares genetic material with a fruit, herb, or vegetable commonly used by humans. They are plants that can be found growing naturally that produce edibles and live in symbiotic relationships with other naturally occurring vegetation. They are a beautiful reminder that resources are an abundant gift of nature and they serve as protectors of biodiversity.

As human beings, we spend a lot of our time altering things to meet our specific needs. We want our crops to be predictable, identical, to produce a bountiful harvest, to thrive in conditions that are easy to maintain. Our drive to control everything around us stems from a desire to create an environment that is beneficial for our friends, family, and children.

While I understand and sympathize with many of the goals of our civilization, I think in some respects our disconnect with nature is harmful to our planet and to our own species. I will use this medium to extend stories of hope in a world that is owned by dollars and cents. I will share stories of my experiences, beliefs, and of the people right here in Georgia constructing change every single day.

As a warning, I am too young to "know" anything, and I am always learning. I am passionate and opinionated. I am full of love to the point of idealism. I am hairy, dirty, and smelly. I have an overwhelming sense of hope that sprouts from Atlanta's newest moves towards a greener lifestyle. I am a newbie to the South and I have proud Northern roots.

I hope you join me, this is going to be a long trip.